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Fresh Perspectives (MSN/Lexus): Profile of artist Augustine Kofie

Fresh Perspectives (MSN/Lexus): Profile of chef Craig Thornton

Appetite For Life with Andrew Zimmern (MSN/Toyota): Profile of blues bar owner Gordon Kerr Author/comedian John Hodgman Undead family man Ozzy Osbourne

Vegas Seven Magazine: “Deaf Chef” Josh Jensen

Las Vegas Sun: Singer/songwriter/dreamboat Neko Case


Entrepreneur Magazine: “Camping’s Extreme Makeover,” a feature on the business of upscale camping College Inn Pub, Seattle (bar review)

Las Vegas Weekly: “Disneyland For Haters,” a Disneyland travel story for people who don’t actually want to go there (Seattle Times Online): Lunchbox Laboratory (restaurant review) (Seattle Times Online): The Dray (bar review) (Seattle Times Online): 13 Coins/Studio 1000 (bar review)


Vegas Seven: “The Lonesome Death of Family Vegas,” an ode to glitzy hubris

Las Vegas Sun: “Soaring and Twirling with the Snowbirds,” a mostly stoic fly-along with the Canadian precision fighter jet team

Vegas Seven: “King of the Roads,” a commentary on Las Vegas’ well-maintained and ginormous streets

Las Vegas Weekly: “Email from the Future,” a somewhat funny and halfway incisive humor/commentary piece (Archie McPhee): “Initiatives that Should’ve Been on the Washington State Ballot”–pretty much the same as the preceding clip, but about Seattle this time


Vegas Seven Magazine: “Sites to See,” a weekly website review column

Las Vegas Sun: “Backstage with DeVito at ShoWest,” a document of the night I sneaked into a major film industry function

Las Vegas Sun: “Sound Check,” a weekly music column

Las Vegas Sun: Spy Game (movie review) (Seattle Times Online): “Derby for Dummies: A Guide to the Rat City Rollergirls”

Vegas Seven Magazine: “Tour Buzz,” a weekly concert preview column

WEBLOGS One Better, a web deals shopping blog

Archie McPhee/Accoutrements: Monkey Goggles, a literary and pop culture blog

The Spellout, my entertainment and culture blog